7 Ways ECPs Can Encourage Kids To Wear Their Glasses

7 Ways ECPs Can Encourage Kids To Wear Their Glasses

03 August 2021


With both virtual and in-person learning, the visual demands placed upon children are significant. And as any eye care provider knows, good vision is essential to a child’s academic success. However, getting children to wear glasses can be a particularly challenging task for parents. Here are seven ways that eye care providers can help parents increase eyewear compliance in children.

Generate some buzz in the exam room
Breaking the news about glasses to parents and children is not always simple. Some kids may be thrilled, while others may be disappointed or upset. Focus on the positive aspects of wearing glasses, such as creating a fun fashion statement and seeing their video games more clearly.

Create an enticing optical display with children’s frames
Use bright colors, posters, toys and any other kid-friendly items to attract children. If space allows, create an interactive area where they can feel comfortable and try on frames. Add books about wearing glasses and photos of celebrities or characters who wear glasses that kids can relate to.

Encourage parents to let children participate in frame selection
Allowing children to make their own decision increases the likelihood that they will want to use the glasses and feel comfortable around friends and classmates when wearing them. Train opticians to provide gentle guidance on appropriate frame selection, such as more durable frames for kids who may be rough on glasses or lightweight ones for extra active children.

Recommend multiple pairs
Having one pair to use at home and one pair to take to school increases compliance. This way, forgetting the glasses at home won’t be an excuse!

Make sure the frames fit well at dispense
Kids may not be vocal about discomfort when wearing glasses, so it’s up to the optician to check the fit carefully and make sure children feel comfortable in their glasses. Otherwise, discomfort may result in the child refusing to wear them.

Provide instructions on proper care, cleaning and storage
If the parent does not wear glasses, these steps may not be intuitive. When dispensing, have opticians demonstrate to parents and children how to care for glasses. These items can include using both hands to remove glasses, using a cleaning solution and microfiber cloth, storing glasses in their case when not in use and always putting them in the same location at home to prevent the glasses from getting lost.

Encourage parents to return for regular adjustments and exams
If the child suddenly decides to stop wearing their glasses, this can signify that the glasses may not fit properly or their vision has changed. Some parents may be inclined to press their child to wear glasses without success. Instead, instruct the parent to bring the child back if they notice any of these behaviors.

Eyewear Kids and Parents Love


Offering a fun selection of frames also promotes compliance. R&D Optical Lab provides the complete line of SunShifters, which are children’s frames that change color when exposed to ultraviolet light. They are available in fun color combinations such as light blue shifting to violet or light brown shifting to red. We offer SunShifters with multiple lens packages including polycarbonate, Trivex, Transitions and BluLoc.

BluLoc blocks 100 percent of ultraviolet light and filters out 95 percent of harmful rays, including blue light. We also carry BluTech, which is available in 41 percent, 45 percent or 59 percent blue light-blocking options. Blue light-blocking treatments are an excellent addition to any children’s glasses!

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