Affordable, Quality Digital Lenses For Your Patients

Affordable, Quality Digital Lenses For Your Patients

21 February 2020


More and more patients are seeking to enhance their high-definition visual experience while driving, playing sports, and on the computer. Making sure your optical is up to date with the latest offerings will ensure that your patients regard your practice as digital lens experts.

Visual Perfection Digital Technologies

Our Visual Perfection series includes a wide range of digital lenses suitable for almost any prescription and frame. They are available in single vision and progressives designs. Some of the advanced technologies we use include:

  • Digital Ray-Path is based on a three-dimensional model of the lens and eye. This simulation accounts for the lens position relative to the eye, as well as normal eye movements in all gaze directions. Digital Ray-Path technology provides optimal vision in all lens zones, giving the patient an enhanced customized lens experience.
  • Smart Add improves digital device viewing by optimizing intermediate and near zones. This technology reduces eye strain while using a progressive lens design.

Digital Single Vision Lenses

Visual Perfection single vision lenses incorporate a compensated, personalized design. These specialty lenses suit patients with specific visuals needs. Options include:

  • VP Single Vision: This lens is excellent for high minus or high plus prescriptions, as well as high astigmatic corrections. Your patients will notice greater clarity and a wider field of vision. The VP Single Vision uses our Digital Ray-Path technology.
  • VP InMotion SV: A premium lens designed for wearers who frequently drive, day or night. The VP InMotion SV features our Digital Ray-Path technology.
  • VP Acomoda ll: This anti-fatigue lens is perfect for non-presbyopes or pre-presbyopes who experience eye strain while reading or on a digital device. The VP Acomoda II incorporates the Digital Ray-Path and Smart Add technologies.

Digital Progressive Lenses

For progressive wearers, we recommend offering patients these Visual Perfection designs:

  • VP Ultra: A premium progressive series incorporating our Digital Ray-Path technology to deliver the best visual performance and quality. With six lens options to choose from, your patients will find a personalized and compensated progressive suitable for them.
  • VP Basic: Great entry-level progressive designs that offer an alternative to conventional progressive lenses. This line is excellent for patients looking for an affordable lens but want the benefits of digital lenses. There are four standard designs available.

Offer Your Patients Affordable Digital Lenses

No matter which Visual Perfection products your patients choose, R&D Optical Lab’s frame and digital lens packages offer tremendous value and quality. Price does not have to keep your patients in a traditional lens. Our independent lab produces digital lenses for a variety of visual needs at reasonable price points.

Additionally, when you work with R&D Optical Lab, you can promote your own digital products that your customers will not be able to find elsewhere. Please visit our website or call us at 513-273-4034 to learn more about Visual Perfection and other optical products. Check us out on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or LinkedIn for our latest tips and updates!

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