Caring for Your Eyes at work and play by R&D Optical

Caring for Your Eyes at Work and Play

28 February 2019


At R&D, we understand the importance for optometrists, ophthalmologists and opticians to provide customers with the best possible eyewear to care for their eyes in all aspects of life. Whether your customers need a pair of glasses for work or play, our variety of protective eyewear products will make sure their vision is not compromised.

No matter your profession, having clear eyesight is essential for optimal performance on the job, and making sure that your customers stay safe is our goal. With 2,000 US workers experiencing eye-related injuries at work every day, it’s important to understand the precautions to take depending on your job type and what equipment is being used.


Experiencing eye strain and blurred vision from using a computer at work is one of the most common ways to hurt your eyes while on the job. If your customer’s job requires heavy computer usage, considering a pair of BluTech or Kodak’s Total Blue lenses that are in line with your patient’s vision issues is the best way to prevent long-term vision problems.


Many professions require the use of chemicals, which can be hazardous to the eyes. Making sure that chemicals do not enter the eyes and that exposure to certain chemicals won’t cause other damage is imperative for quality eye care. R&D provides optometrists, ophthalmologists, and opticians with specialty occupational eyewear and safety glasses specifically for occupations that require lab work and to prevent patients who use chemicals from harming their eyes.


Whether your customers work on or operate mechanical machinery such as automobiles and aircraft, providing quality glasses or goggles for them can protect your patients’ eyes. R&D carries an assortment of pilot glasses, occupational eyewear and prescription safety glasses that can help enhance a worker’s vision experience when operating machinery and minimize the chance for eye injuries.


Many patients not only use glasses to care for their eyes at work but for recreation as well, especially if they live an active lifestyle or play sports. R&D specializes in athletic eye gear especially for all outdoor sports including baseball, motorsports, scuba diving, swimming, and skiing to protect your patients’ eyes on land and in water. Our prescription sports and athletic masks and goggles can be tailored for all types of patients with different vision needs to keep them safe while at play.

R&D can provide customized lenses for any occupation, especially pilots, plumbers, accountants, lab workers, electricians and mechanics, and also prescription glasses and goggles for recreational use. Contact us to learn more about our product options and how we can help your patients find the perfect pair of eyewear to fit their lifestyles.

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