Dimensions VR

R&D Optical Lab will help your business enter new dimensions.

It’s Dimensions’ revolutionary lens design technology. VR stations help your customers witness firsthand how visual fields are tailored to each user, with lenses adapted to the dynamics of individual gaze directions. This ensures superb sharpness and precision in all gaze directions.

Key Features of Dimensions Lens Technology:

  • Custom Visual Fields: Lenses calculated and optimized for the real position of wear, accounting for how each lens is held by the frame.
  • Enhanced Visual Acuity: By developing lenses according to the real position of use, aberrations responsible for drops in visual acuity are minimized.
  • Digital Profile Technology: Optimizes lens progression for comfortable and sharp vision during digital device use, transforming the concept of progressive lenses.

Mark Your Calendar! Schedule An Appointment!
We will be exhibiting at Eyewear Artwalk www.eyewearartwalk.com June 13-15. If you will be attending and would like to schedule an appointment for a Dimensions VR live demonstration please schedule an appointment below.

Eyewear Artwalk is the premier event for the optical industry, bringing together leaders in fashion, technology, and eye care. Our mission is to inspire and educate through immersive experiences and innovative exhibits.

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