ECP Benefits To In-Office Edging

ECP Benefits To In-Office Edging

17 February 2022


You would think that a lab owner, like myself, would be against in-office edging; however, that is not the case.  I am a proponent of every ECP doing whatever they can to give themselves an edge against the competition and more importantly, to give their patients access to extremely fast service for their eyecare needs. 

Having an in-office edging facility helps with both.  With the right edger, the right personnel and the right stock lens inventory, an office can do a lot of their own edging, providing their patients access to superior service and potentially same-day service. 

As a lab owner, I realize that offices that edge in-office will still need to purchase a percentage of their lenses from a lab — anything that falls outside of the stock lens parameters, most progressives and multifocals, etc.  The lab should assist the office in any way they can to help that office grow and prosper. 

Many labs, like R and D Optical Lab, can get uncut lenses to the office the next day even with lens treatments such as non-glare and mirrors.  This too adds to the superior service levels that an in-office lab can provide. 

As a shareholder of Global Optics, the largest independent optical warehouse, R and D Optical Lab offers our customers access to the largest inventory of stock lenses in the country.  It is extremely easy to order and check live inventory levels.  The lenses are shipped directly to the ECP’s office, saving time, and allowing the office to order what they need, when they need it.

Using the Global Optics inventory enables ECPs who have in-office edging to keep their stock lens inventory at a minimum since access to lenses is so fast and easy.  That said, we recommend that the office keep some inventory on hand to take care of those same-day, eyewear needs. 

If you have an in-office edging lab, please contact R and D Optical Lab and we can help you set up ordering of your stock lenses that will make your office more profitable, with even faster service.  Simply contact us at 513-273-4034 or email and we will get you set up right away.

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