Eyewear Solutions For Patients With Color Vision Deficiency

Eyewear Solutions For Patients With Color Vision Deficiency

13 April 2021


Approximately 8 percent of men have a congenital color vision deficiency (“CVD”), while 0.5 percent of women are affected. Although CVD patients may comprise a smaller percentage of your practice’s appointments, their needs should not be overlooked.

Patients with CVD have historically only had a few lens options available to assist with color perception. R&D Optical is proud to offer the newest technology in color lenses, Chemistrie Color, which provide our eyecare professional customers a convenient and cutting-edge solution for patients with CVD.

What Is Chemistrie Color?

Chemistrie Color lenses are patented, specially designed lens filters. These CVD lenses differ from old technology which used surface tinted lens products that relied on heavy red or pink-tints. By selectively filtering portions of the visible spectrum, Chemistrie Color creates a color separation which allows CVD patients to discern additional shades and hues. Chemistrie Color is available in three lens types or strengths:

  • Indoor is the lightest tint and best suited for indoor use.
  • Outdoor Moderate is a medium-colored sunlens suited for outdoor use and works well for those with less severe CVD.
  • Outdoor Severe is the darkest option sunlens and suitable for outdoor use. The outdoor severe is the strongest filter and works best for those with more severe CVD.

Each lens is designed for red-green CVD (deutan or protan). The lenses feature an anti-reflective coating on the backside of the lens to reduce unwanted glare.

For added versatility, Chemistrie Color is available as a custom clip-on, ready-to-wear glasses with plano lenses, and as plano uncut lenses that can be edged to fit into any frame on your frame board.

Clip-On Lenses

The custom clip-on option utilizes the patented Chemistrie Magnetic Lens Layering system, which allows the wearer to attach a clip on via micro magnets embedded in their prescription lenses. The Chemistrie Color clip is extremely lightweight and uses ultra-thin polycarbonate lenses to maximize comfort.

These custom clips are designed to fit 99 percent of frames. Chemistrie Clips are customized to match the base curve of the patient’s prescription lenses, ensuring the optimal fit. A variety of magnet and titanium bridge color options are available for an extra layer of customization.

Ready-To-Wear Sunglasses

The Chemistrie Color ready-to-wear line is available in three fashionable sunglass frames and is available in Indoor, Outdoor Moderate, and Outdoor Severe polycarbonate lenses.

Plano Uncut Lenses

Provide your patients with more flexibility by offering Chemistrie Color in a frame of their choosing. Uncut lenses have a 73 mm diameter and a 1.5 mm thickness which fit nearly any frame. The lenses are available in 4 and 6 base curves. Let your patient choose any frame from your board, and we can easily transform them into a CVD product.

Point-of-Purchase Display

Contact R&D Optical to learn about the Chemistrie Color point-of-purchase display that acts as a sales tool and patient lens testing center.

The Chemistrie Color Point of Purchase Display Includes:

  • 3 sample frames with Chemistrie Color lenses in each of the 3 Chemistrie Color strengths: two ready-made styles and one frame with a clip sample.
  • A sample of the Chemistrie Color packaging.
  • Registration card for inclusion on the Chemistrie Color Retailer Locator.
  • Lens testing image for patients to experience Chemistrie Color. Best viewed in natural light or a well-lit area.

Offer Your Patients More Options

Chemistrie, by Eyenavision, offers a wide range of optical products for all your patients’ needs:

  • Sunlens clip-ons in solid, mirrored, and gradient colors
  • Chemistrie Plus reader clip-ons in 0.25 D increments ranging from +0.50 to +2.50 D
  • Chemistrie Blue clip-ons that include a coating that deflects unwanted blue light for digital device usage. 0.25 D increments ranging from Plano to +2.00 D
  • Chemistrie 3D lens clip-ons for movie or television viewing

R&D Optical carries all of these products and can provide your patients with quick turnaround times. Our lab can finish lenses for patients who wish to have Chemistrie Color lenses placed into their own frame or a frame from your optical.

Increase optical sales by allowing patients to purchase Chemistrie products exclusively through your practice. Please visit or call us at 513-273-4034 to find out about our optical products. For more tips and our latest updates, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or LinkedIn!

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