Chemistrie Clip

Eyewear That Clicks: Introducing the Chemistrie Clip

03 January 2019


At R&D Optical Lab, we believe it is very important for your patients to have multiple pairs of eyewear to accommodate the various lifestyle needs. However, it’s no secret that switching between different pairs of glasses can be a pain. There are so many different kinds of lenses from distance to readers, from everyday glasses to sunglasses, and from your sunglasses back to computer glasses. It can certainly feel more like a chore changing between glasses and even more cumbersome to have to carry two or more pairs with you everywhere you go.

At R&D Optical Lab, we strive to bring your customers the latest in eyewear developments, delivered in the highest-quality product, and using the latest technology and equipment. It is with that in mind that we are delighted to share with you the Chemistrie Clip—an innovative lens that you can clip on and off your regular glasses using strong magnets.

What Are Chemistrie Clips?

Chemistrie Clips are a new lens product that makes it easy for you to convert your prescription glasses into sunglasses, readers, computer glasses, and more. They are custom made, can fit nearly any frame you own, are lightweight, and come in a variety of bridge colors, magnet colors, and polarized lens colors. Types of Chemistrie Clips include:

Chemistrie Sunlenses. No longer will you have to swap out prescription glasses for prescription sunglasses. Nor will you have to deal with cheap, bulky clip-on lenses that don’t always fit or flatter your current lens. Chemistrie Sunlenses are lenses that can be layered on to your current eyeglasses. Choose from among 24 polarized lens colors, five bridge colors, 12 Swarovski crystal colors, or three magnet colors to customize your sunglass look to your personality and style.

Chemistrie Plus Reader Lenses. These lenses are great to add on to your regular glasses for reading the small print on a restaurant menu, the computer at work, a book on vacation, or any time when you find reading to be difficult or straining with your regular frames on. These lenses come with five titanium bridge colors, three magnet colors, and 12 Swarovski crystal colors. Powers on the reader lenses range from +.50 to +2.50 in .25 increments.

Chemistrie Blue. This type of Chemistrie Clip is specific for smart phone, computer or tablet use. These lenses can make the time you spend in front of a screen more comfortable by filtering out violet and blue light that the screens emit. The len’s special coating reflects the harmful light and is available in powers that range from plano to +1.50 Hi-Vex. These lenses come with five titanium bridge colors, three magnet colors, and 12 Swarovski crystal colors.

Chemistrie 3D Lenses. These lenses make watching movies or television in 3D a cinch. With these lenses, you no longer have to try to wear the paper lenses over your regular frames at the theater or on your home television. These lenses are lightweight, and come in five titanium bridge colors, three magnet colors, and 12 Swarovski crystal colors.

Keeping an eye on the latest trends and delivering them to our customers is our priority at R&D Optical. Contact us today to learn more about providing Chemistrie Clips for your patients!

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