Home And Recreational Eye Safety Tips

Home And Recreational Eye Safety Tips

08 June 2022


The start of summer means kids and parents spend more time at home and enjoy outdoor activities. These activities also mean a higher rate of eye trauma, with about 50% of all eye injuries occurring around the home. Fortunately, 90 percent of these injuries are preventable with protective eyewear.

Home Safety

Many people think of using eye protection for home improvement projects, such as power tools. However, everyday household tasks can also cause significant injury and so it’s worth reminding your patients about the importance of caring for their eyes when performing these tasks.

  • Cooking—avoid oil splatter by using a splatter screen while frying food.
  • Cleaning—always follow instructions carefully when using bleach, ammonia, oven cleaner and other caustic cleaning products. Protective goggles can reduce eye irritation from fumes and prevent chemicals from splashing into the eye.
  • Mowing the lawn—protective goggles are ideal as dirt and small rocks can be launched into the air while mowing.
  • Gardening—branches, dirt, insects, pollen, grass and other foreign bodies can enter the eye while hedge trimming and other gardening activities. Other hazards include gardening chemicals, poisonous plants and sun exposure. Wraparound sunglasses protect against all of these hazards.
  • Curling or straightening irons—precaution should be taken when using any hot tools near the face and eye.
  • Loose rugs—rugs should be secured with non-slip grippers as they can cause trips and falls.
  • Sharp corners on tables and other furniture—if children are present, add padding to corners where they can bump their head or eye.

Recreational Safety

Spending time outdoors is an excellent way to get young patients off their screens, but remind parents about eyewear when enjoying recreational activities. Here are some tips you can share:

  • Use sports goggles—regular glasses may not be made for high impact and can shatter, causing eye injury. Sports goggles are designed for specific activities and can come with prescription or plano. They contain polycarbonate lenses which provide impact resistance and ultraviolet protection.
  • Check safety standards—eyewear and other protective equipment should meet ASTM Protection varies from sport to sport, so patients should check requirements before purchasing. R&D Optical Lab ensures that all lenses inserted into safety eyewear meet the required standards so you can rest assured that your patients get the protection they need.
  • Buy appropriate frame sizes—children need properly fitted frames. Adult frames do not provide adequate protection as they can easily slip off a child’s face.
  • Ultraviolet protection—patients should be aware of radiation injuries such as photokeratitis, cataracts and retinal damage, especially while on the water. Swim goggles with 100 percent ultraviolet protection are excellent for water activities.

Prescribe Safety Glasses

When prescribing glasses, recommend a few pairs of protective eyewear for patients to keep around the home (including sizes for children). R&D Optical Lab offers a wide selection of safety frames that combine quality, fashion, and protection. We can provide your office with fitting kits from any or all of these manufacturers. Some of these offer very deep discounts for samples:

  • 3M
  • ArmouRx
  • ArtCraft USA Workforce
  • Bolle Safety
  • Hudson Optical
  • Journeyman
  • OnGuard
  • Titmus (Honeywell) *** These are currently on back-order; expect long delays

With our Visual Perfection 2.0 portfolio, we also offer a specific progressive design for sports. In addition, we have a special design for wrap frames that eliminates distortion in the periphery of the lens better than other wrap designs. Our Visual Perfection VP2.0 digital lenses are available in polycarbonate. With our exclusive high-definition lenses, you can give your patients superior visual quality without compromising safety. Please visit our website or call us at 513-273-4034 to find out more about our products. For more tips and our latest updates, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or LinkedIn!

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