How New Advances In Digital Progressive Lenses Can Help Your Patients

How New Advances In Digital Progressive Lenses Can Help Your Patients

28 September 2021


Discomfort or blurry vision in progressive lenses is a patient complaint that is all too familiar for many optometrists. Instead of informing the patient they cannot adapt to progressives and switching them into single vision or bifocal lenses, offer them another solution. Prescribing digitally surfaced progressives can help your patients adapt more efficiently and reduce remakes in your practice.

Unity Digital Lenses

Digital lenses are ideal for many progressive wearers, particularly with the modern algorithms used to surface these lenses. These advanced progressive designs have many advantages versus standard progressive lenses.

VSP Optics Unity digital lenses, crafted by R & D Optical Lab, are created with sophisticated, highly accurate lens designs — within 1/100 of a diopter. Unity lenses are highly customizable, making them an excellent choice for patients who want the best vision possible. The lenses feature:

  • Digital Viewpoint technology compensates for lens position relative to the eye and eye movements in all gaze directions. This results in reduced peripheral distortion and power optimization at all points in the lens.
  • Automatic Reading Height Optimization uses an advanced algorithm to calculate the ideal corridor length for each patient. This feature ensures the full add power fits inside the frame, simplifies the fitting process and improves visual ergonomics for the wearer.
  • Thickness Optimization algorithm calculates optimal decentration of the optical center to minimize lens thickness. Patients, particularly hyperopes, can benefit from lighter-weight lenses and better cosmetics of lenses.
  • Variable Inset technology uses various measurements to maximize the patient’s binocular near visual field, resulting in a larger reading area and more comfortable transition between distance and near.
  • Advanced Fit technology accounts for the difference in accommodation and convergence between myopes and hyperopes. The result is better visual ergonomics, improved visual comfort, easier adaptation and optimized binocular near visual field.

Types of Unity Lenses

The Unity series is available in all lens materials and wide power ranges, including up to -6.00 diopters of cylinder. Unity’s digital progressives come in five designs::

  • Unity Via Elite offers maximum benefits of digital progressive lenses. This lens includes all features of the other Unity lenses with the added Advanced Fit technology. The Via Elite is excellent for ametropic presbyopes who want the clearest, most comfortable vision possible.
  • Unity Via is the base design of the Unity line and is a great introduction for patients switching from conventional progressives. Having the full add power in-frame and a larger reading area improves near viewing and visual ergonomics.
  • Unity Via Plus expands upon the Unity Via by further minimizing peripheral distortion and optimizing the prescription at every point of the lens. This lens is fully customizable using position of wear measurements and Digital Viewpoint technology.
  • Unity Via Wrap is specifically designed for frames with high curvatures, such as sports frames. This design includes all the features of the Via Plus lens and can accommodate high refractive errors, including astigmatism.
  • Unity Via Mobile is recommended for patients using digital devices for more than four hours a day. These lenses have a smooth transition between distance and near visual fields, a shorter progression profile and added power in the near zone to enhance viewing of smartphones (particularly small fonts).

R&D Optical Lab is now a VSP Authorized Laboratory, and we are offering the Unity series lenses to all of your VSP patients. They are also available in single vision options and customizable with TechShield non-glare treatments and SunSync photochromic options. To find out more about our products, please visit our website or call us at 513-273-4034. For more tips and our latest updates, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or LinkedIn!

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