How To Help Your Patients Prevent Eye Strain At Work

How To Help Your Patients Prevent Eye Strain At Work

08 March 2021


March is Workplace Eye Wellness Month. While most people tend to think of eye injuries associated with occupations such as construction or landscaping, most work-related eye problems arise from digital eye strain (or computer vision syndrome). Studies show that the typical office worker spends nearly 1,700 hours on a screen each year. Now that many of your patients work from home and spend additional hours on the screen, promoting good eye health habits is increasingly essential.

Prevent and Reduce Digital Eye Strain

Here are some modifications your patients can make to their workstation and daily routine:

  • Position the computer screen at a downward angle to increase comfort. The screen should be 15 to 20 degrees below eye level (measuring from the center of the screen) and 20 to 28 inches from the eyes.
  • Use proper lighting and reduce glare. Adjust the computer screen to minimize glare from lamps, overhead lighting, or windows. If possible, do not sit with your back to a window and use blinds or curtains. Use light bulbs with lower wattage in desk lamps. Keep the screen free of dust, grease, or fingerprints to increase visual comfort and clarity.
  • Artificial tears can minimize dry eye symptoms induced by the lack of blinking. Consciously make an effort to blink more while looking at a screen. Research suggests that blue light exposure may affect tear stability and visual function. Blue light-blocking lenses offer protection.
  • Take breaks frequently to prevent eye strain while working. Every 20 minutes, look away from the screen and into the distance for 20 seconds. After two hours, leave the workstation to stretch and let the eyes rest for 10 minutes. Better yet, switch to a different task that does not involve near-vision work.
  • Regular comprehensive eye exams are necessary to obtain the correct eyeglass prescription, to check for dry eye syndrome or other related health conditions.
  • Use computer glasses. The prescription can be tailored for the appropriate working distance and include lens treatments and tints to reduce glare and block blue light. Blue light-blocking glasses improve contrast and comfort while viewing a screen.
  • Chemistrie clips. Chemistrie clips are a great way to give the user a slight add increase and will make the screen pop. Added to their regular glasses, it makes them perfect for the computer. Simply split the patient’s current add and order the blue blocking lenses from R & D Optical Lab and your patients will truly have the “WOW” effect!  For instance, if the patient normally has a +2.00 add simply order the computer magnetic clip-ons with a +1.00 add and your patients will love you for it!

Protect Patient Eye Health While Building Your Practice

Provide all patients with a specific prescription for the computer and review the benefits of recommended lens designs, lens treatments, and tints. This extra step increases multiple pair sales and adds perceived value to your practice. R&D Optical carries a wide range of lens products to optimize screen usage. We have BluTech lenses, which provide three tiers of superior blue light protection. Our Visual Perfection line allows your practice to promote quality digital lenses as your private label.

For patients requiring occupational eyewear, R&D Optical offers specialized products and safety glasses for all types of occupations and don’t forget about the Chemistrie clip options.  Please visit or call us at 513-273-4034 to find out about our optical products. For more tips and our latest updates, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or LinkedIn!

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