How To Increase Your Optical Practice’s Profitability

How To Increase Your Optical Practice’s Profitability

22 September 2020


From fashion to functionality, there are many reasons why your patients should have multiple pairs of glasses. Prescribing glasses should go beyond a simple lens recommendation. Providing your patients with a personalized consultation and prescription for multiple pairs builds value and incentivizes them to come back to your practice!

Surveys show that, on average, eyewear sales account for 43 percent of a practice’s gross revenue, with an average gross profit of $138 per eyewear sale. Selling one extra pair of glasses per week brings in more than $7,000 in gross profit per year!

Why Patients Need Multiple Pairs

Patients may ask you why they need more than one pair of glasses. Here are some ways you can approach that conversation:

  • Focus on lifestyle. Create a questionnaire that addresses work, hobbies, sports and other activities. During the exam, review the reasons why you are recommending each pair for the patient.
  • If patients seem hesitant about multiple pairs, ask them to “think of a pair of eyeglasses as you would a pair of shoes. You don’t wear the same pair of shoes for every occasion. Same goes for your glasses!”
  • Revise your prescription pad to include multiple pairs. You can include sections for daily eyewear, sunglasses, computer glasses, sports glasses, etc. If patients see that you prescribed specific pairs for different activities, they are more likely to remember than only hearing this information verbally. Additionally, this reinforces any recommendations by the optician.

Options For Multiple Pairs

Here are some categories to consider when prescribing multiples:

  • Everyday use glasses can be used for most daily activities, including home use, driving at night and running errands. The addition of non-glare and photochromic treatments increase versatility. R&D Optical Lab carries the widest range of photochromic lenses including Transitions, Signature colors, XTRActive and mirrored styles.
  • Sunglasses are an item that many patients overlook. Based on their outdoor activities, recommend specific lenses such as mirrored, polarized or specialized tints. One great suggestion would be to ask the patient to bring in their sunglasses when you call them for the reminder of their next appointment. This gets them thinking about sunglasses and even if they don’t have a pair now they will be more open to getting a pair when they come in.
  • Computer glasses are essential, given that many people are working or taking classes remotely. Our Visual Perfection line offers affordable, digital lenses that provide a better digital device viewing experience while allowing you to offer products patients won’t find elsewhere! We also carry BluTech lenses, which offer three levels of blue light protection. You can top off any of the blue blocking lens materials with an additional level of protection with Visual Perfection
  • Sports glasses may not be something that patients think about but are essential in preventing eye injuries. We provide custom solutions for athletic eyewear, including prescription ski goggles, swim goggles and scuba masks.
  • Safety glasses/occupational eyewear are necessary for many jobs, including mechanics, pilots, chemists and more. We carry quality safety eyewear such as Art Craft Workforce, ArmoRx, Bolle Safety, On-Guard, Hudson Protective Eyewear and Titmus. To help promote workplace eye wellness, we offer providers a 20 percent discount off the entire job (frame and lens) for all safety eyewear.

Prescribing multiple pairs is an excellent way to increase practice profitability while encouraging patients to keep all glasses up to date by returning for their annual exam. R&D Optical Lab offers a huge selection of optical products to make it easier for your practice to dispense multiple pairs. Plus, we offer a 50% discount off the second pair to boost your margins even more or you can offer your patients 50% off their 2nd pair!  Please visit our website or call us at 513-273-4034 to learn more about our optical products. For more tips and our latest updates, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or LinkedIn!

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