Karün: Sustainable And Innovative Eyewear For Your Patients

Karün: Sustainable And Innovative Eyewear For Your Patients

21 October 2022


With an expanding global population, the need to protect our resources and ecosystems for future generations and other living creatures continues to grow. The population is projected to increase to 8.6 billion by 2030 and 9.8 billion by 2050.

Additionally, reports indicate that the industrial sector (manufacturing goods and raw materials) contributes about a quarter of the United States’ greenhouse gas emissions, compared with 13 percent between residential and commercial businesses. The urgency for manufacturers to take a more sustainable, environmentally-conscious approach is apparent — and consumers are taking note.

As an eye care provider, your priority is your patient’s eye health and vision. But did you know an increasing number of patients are turning to options that prioritize both health and environmental sustainability?

Why Karün Eyewear?

Established in 2012 in Patagonia, Karün is an eyewear brand focused on sustainability and innovation. Its Conscious Development Model is based on working with rural communities to recycle discarded materials into high-quality, stylish glasses, and its proceeds also go towards preserving local, natural habitats.

Some highlights about Karün:

  • It is a certified BCorp, which designates companies demonstrating high social and environmental performance.
  • It has a certified Carbon Neutral designation.
  • Global Brands Magazine awarded Karün Most Sustainable Eyewear Brand in 2021.
  • Its carbon footprint is more than 50 percent less than that of conventional eyewear production.
  • All products consist of recycled materials, such as fishing nets, metals, polycarbonate, cotton, cardboard, and leather.
  • Its traceability system allows customers to trace each eyewear’s value chain from recycled materials to the final product.
  • Carbon footprint is noted on each product via a scannable QR code.
  • It collaborates with organizations such as UN Environment and National Geographic to address environmental issues.

Karün Eyewear Products

Karün carries a wide selection of plastic, metal, and mixed material frames to please all your patients. Its core collections consist of Rx-able sun and ophthalmic frames:

  • The Urban collection features fashionable sunglasses for everyday wear, from cat eye to aviator frames. These are great for patients who prioritize style and enjoy multiple pairs to match their outfits. The collection also features collaborative styles from celebrities such as Shailene Woodley.
  • Sports Collection frames are highly flexible and impact resistant to keep up with patients’ active lifestyles, whether on land or water. Sunglasses come with Category 3 UV protection and are available in nonpolarized and polarized lenses.
  • The Outdoor Collection blends style, quality, and function in frames suitable for walking around in a city or taking a hike. Frames styles are available in various colors and nonpolarized or polarized lenses.
  • Eyeglass holder straps add a touch of style and function to their frames. They are available in recycled leather, cotton, and plastic materials.

As an independent optical lab for innovative and quality eyewear solutions, R&D Optical Lab has partnered with Karün as a Sustainability Support Lab. We’re proud to offer you and your patients eyewear that uses reclaimed materials without sacrificing quality or style. To discover more about Karün and learn about our current promotions, please visit our website or call us at 513-273-4034.

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