At R&D Optical Lab we are all about helping deliver more value to our customers. That’s why we want to introduce you to Patch. Patch can be your online insurance assistant. Now you can understand your patient’s out-of-network benefits and submit a claim for them in minutes. All with no phone time and no paperwork.

If you’re an optometrist, optician or even an ophthalmologist that only uses in-network insurance, then you are limiting your potential customer base and leaving profits on the table. And by doing so you’re also taking control away from your supply chain. With Patch you can keep your current patients, serve new ones and take back control of your practice. It allows you to keep the vision plans you need to be in-network with while servicing patients from those you don’t. Patch lets you use patient benefits from one location without long-term insurance contracts. You’ll have the flexibility to be out-of-network for all insurers or just a few. The whole process is infinitely easier for staff while allowing your practice to increase profits.

How Patch Works:

Welcome to Patch from Patch on Vimeo.

So now when a new patient asks you about insurance you can say “Yes, we can help, we are open access providers.” instead of “Sorry, we are out of network.”  By assisting your patients with their insurance you’ll be able to convert more cash pay patients and use the Lab of choice, R&D Optical Lab.

Use this link to contact a representative from Patch and be sure to tell them R&D Optical Lab sent you. They will follow up directly with you. Thanks!


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Patch for Opticians:

Welcome to Patch (Opticians) from Patch on Vimeo.


Patch Client Testimonials:

Patch User Testimonials from Patch on Vimeo.

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