Premium Non-Glare Treatments and Non-Glare Lenses Are a Great Practice Builder

Premium Non-Glare Treatments and Non-Glare Lenses Are a Great Practice Builder

04 October 2019


As an eye care professional, you are well aware of the benefits of non-glare lenses. But are you discussing this with your patients? If not, you may be missing an opportunity to increase patient satisfaction and drive optical sales.

Non-glare treatments help to reduce glare and improve the quality of vision. By eliminating reflections off the surface of the lenses, more light can pass through to the eyes, allowing for clearer vision both during the day and at night. High-quality, non-glare lenses allow virtually all visible light to pass through the lenses, about 99 percent transmission. Here are some other key points about non-glare treated lenses that you can discuss with your patients:

Gives lenses a more invisible appearance which is attractive to patients. Reduces the appearance of reflections especially when taking photos. Allows the wearer to have better eye contact since people will be able to see their eyes more clearly through the glasses.

Night Driving
Reduces glare from headlights of oncoming cars and other light sources, while improving overall visibility at night.

Digital Devices
Non-glare lenses help reduce eye strain and eye fatigue from viewing computers, phones and tablets. Consider recommending non-glare lenses with blue light blocking properties to further reduce digital eye strain.

UV Protection
Research shows that clear, non-treated lenses reflect only about 4-6 percent UV-A and UV-B and less than 8 percent UV-C. In contrast, non-glare lenses reflected about 25 percent of any UV light. While this is a great benefit of clear lenses, it’s important to emphasize to patients that this cannot substitute for sunglasses with 100 percent UV blocking properties.

High-Index Lenses
These lenses tend to reflect more light versus standard plastic lenses. When prescribing high-index lenses, recommend non-glare treatments as well. It’s worth mentioning that many high-index lenses are now sold with non-glare treatment packaged together for this very reason.

Features of Modern Non-Glare Treatments and Non-Glare Lenses

Some patients may be turned off by non-glare lenses because they are concerned about the lenses scratching or smudging more easily. Reassure your patients that modern non-glare treatments are much improved over traditional ones. Today’s premium lens treatments are more scratch resistant and have better hydrophobic and oleophobic properties which help repel debris, moisture and smudges.

At R&D Optical Lab, our Premium Plus UV Non-Glare offers the features your patients look for. Our non-glare lenses have a wetting angle of 113 degrees, higher than most premium coatings. This gives the lens better moisture and dirt repelling properties. Your patients will be happy about cleaning their glasses less frequently! The Premium Plus UV Non-Glare lenses also have improved scratch resistance, extending the life of the lens. Finally, the improved color (a slight greenish sheen) of the Premium Plus UV Non-Glare treatment offers a better cosmetic appearance for your patients.

We Specialize In Difficult Prescriptions

In addition to our premium non-glare treatments, we invite you to check out the other high-quality lens products our independent lab has to offer. We specialize in difficult eyeglass prescriptions, so if your patient is using a custom frame, has a very high prescription or special occupational needs, we can help! Please visit our website or call us at 513-273-4034 to learn more about our optical products. Check us out on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or LinkedIn for our latest tips and updates!

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