Private Label Digital Lenses From Independent Laboratories

Private Label Digital Lenses From Independent Laboratories

26 May 2021


Many people are persuaded by the idea that getting a premium lens product means spending money for brand name lenses. Providing your patients with a quality product doesn’t have to involve pricey, branded lenses. In fact,  Private label digital lenses offer a wealth of benefits to both the practice and patient.

Customers have many choices for eyewear. Ultimately, the decision comes down to quality, service, timely delivery and fair pricing. By working with an independent optical laboratory, your practice can check the box in all of these areas.

An excellent place to start your private label is with customized, digital lenses, particularly progressives. Surveys show that customized or personalized progressive lenses are ranked the most popular lens design by independent eye care practices. In 2019, about three-fourths of these ECPs reported that these lenses comprise a larger portion of total lens sales over the previous three years.

Some advantages of using private label lenses from independent optical laboratories include:

  • Affordable, customizable digital lenses. Digitally-surfaced lenses are no longer an unaffordable product, which means more patients can switch from traditional progressives into digital progressive lenses.
  • High performance designs. Private label products are not necessarily inferior to brand name products, and in some cases, are superior to the branded lens. In many cases, the newer private label lens designs are actually superior to the brand name products that ECPs are still using.
  • Reduced cost over branded lenses. The cost difference is largely due to the price of marketing the branded product, having a sales representative, and other related expenses.
  • Competitive pricing. Not only can your practice increase profit margins, but you can pass the savings onto patients, allowing you to compete with large retailers and chains.
  • Differentiate your practice. Having an in-house line allows you to market your practice around your brand and promote exclusivity.
  • Build patient loyalty. Let patients know they can’t purchase the lenses anywhere else! Once they experience quality lens products, they are likely to return and refer friends or family.
  • Quick turnaround times. Independent laboratories are able to keep the quality lens blanks stocked on their shelves so they can provide quality excellent and efficient production with quick turnarounds which means more satisfied patients.

Visual Perfection 2.0 Line

R&D Optical Lab’s Visual Perfection 2.0 line offers high-definition digital lenses. The 2.0 designs improve upon the technology of the Legacy Visual Perfection line. The VP 2.0 line consists of:

  • MaxView 2.0 Top-of-the-line progressive lenses reduce lateral blur (which impacts adaptation to progressives) through our Binocular Balance technology. They maintain clear and comfortable vision while reading or on the computer and optimize peripheral vision.
  • Ultra 2.0 and Premium 2.0 are highly personalized progressive lenses that use OptiMesh technology to optimize visual acuity depending upon the position of wear, in all gaze directions.
  • Basic 2.0 is a quality progressive lens at a reasonable price. It offers a wider field of vision, an optimized near zone and quicker adaptation. These lenses fit virtually any frame and prescription.
  • SV 2.0 minimizes oblique astigmatism, enlarging the field of vision in single-vision lenses. The lenses are also thin and light, maximizing form and function.
  • Wrap 2.0 is suitable for prescription wrap frames. They reduce lens thickness, sharpen vision and allow for a greater power range over conventional lenses for wrap frames.
  • Millenials 2.0 is recommended for patients up to 50 years of age, particularly those who are constantly viewing digital devices. These lenses relax accommodation and reduce symptoms of digital eye strain.
  • Drive GT 2.0 is excellent for presbyopes who drive frequently. They enhance safety by providing the driver with comfortable distance vision and good intermediate vision to view the dashboard and other elements inside the vehicle.

Our wide selection of private label digital lenses ensures you can provide quality eyewear to all types of patients at competitive price points. To learn more about dispensing Visual Perfection as a private label, visit or call us at 513-273-4034. For more tips and our latest updates, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or LinkedIn!

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