Protect Your Patients' Eyes At Work

Protect Your Patients’ Eyes At Work

18 February 2022


Whether your patients are working from home or back at the office, having the proper eyewear is an integral part of the workday. As their eye care provider, you can provide patients with personalized lens recommendations to optimize vision and comfort.

Blue Light Filtering Treatments

During the day, blue light helps with mood, alertness, concentration, cognitive function and suppression of melatonin. In the evening, the release of melatonin regulates the timing of circadian rhythms. Increasing exposure to blue light-emitting digital devices hinders normal melatonin release. Chronic exposure impacts sleep quality and physiologic processes including immune and glucose regulation. This disruption may lead to cancers and other chronic diseases.

R&D Optical Lab carries BluTech lenses, which offer several advantages over competitor blue light lenses:

  • Blocks peak blue light emissions (455 nanometers) emitted by electronic devices.
  • Blue light blocking treatment is infused into the lens, which means there is no coating that can scratch off.
  • Nearly clear lenses minimize color distortions and maintain visual acuity.
  • Higher percentage of blue light filtering than most other competitors.

BluTech lenses come in three options:

  • Ultra (41% blue light blocking) is suitable for day or night use, viewing digital devices and indoor areas with bright lighting.
  • Classic (45% blue light blocking) has similar features as the Ultra lens but with increased blue light blocking. The Ultra and Classic are available with prescription or as plano lenses.
  • Max (59% blue light blocking) provides maximum protection from screens, outdoors and sunny indoor areas. These lenses are excellent for migraine and headache sufferers who experience light sensitivity. Max lenses are available as plano only.

Digital Computer Lenses

Digitally surfaced lenses are perfect for your patients’ daily visually demanding tasks. High-definition digital lenses are highly accurate (within 1/100 of a diopter) and fully customizable. If you have patients who experience difficulties adapting to glasses (particularly progressives) or want to maximize visual comfort and clarity, our Visual Perfection line may be the solution.

Visual Perfection digital lenses incorporate multiple technologies, which:

  • Account for lens position relative to the eye and eye movement in all gazes to optimize vision across the whole lens.
  • Combine complex surface curvatures on both lens surfaces to expand near zones and improve peripheral vision.
  • Optimize intermediate and near zones in computer lenses.
  • Surface prescriptions on the back of the lens, allowing for a truly flexible design with variable insets and corridor lengths.

The newest generation of Visual Perfection 2.0 lenses includes:

  • Basic 2.0 offers a great everyday progressive at a comprehensive price. It has a wider field of vision and an optimized near zone for quicker adaptation.
  • MaxView 2.0 progressive lenses reduce lateral astigmatism to maintain sharp vision at all distances and maximize the field of vision.
  • Drive GT 2.0 is the progressive solution for frequent drivers. These lenses provide comfortable distance and intermediate vision so patients can see the road clearly and easily view the dashboard.
  • Millennials 2.0 is optimized for viewing digital devices in patients up to 50 years of age. These lenses relax accommodation to reduce symptoms of digital eye strain.
  • Ultra 2.0 is a highly personalized progressive lens that optimizes visual acuity based upon pantoscopic tilt, wrap angle, position of wear, working distance and oblique astigmatism (due to eye rotation) to maintain sharp vision in all gazes.
  • SV 2.0 is a single-vision lens that minimizes oblique astigmatism to increase the field of vision by up to 50% versus standard digital single-vision lenses. These lenses are also very thin and light to improve aesthetics and comfort.
  • Wrap 2.0 reduces lens thickness, sharpens vision and provides a greater power range in prescription wrap frames.

If your patients struggle with symptoms of digital eye strain, we will work with your practice to offer customized computer progressives, blue light filtering lenses and other solutions. To learn more about our products, please get in touch with us at 513-273-4034 or visit our website For more tips and our latest updates, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or LinkedIn!

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