r and d optical lab now offers lucyd bluetooth prescription glasses and sunglasses

R&D Optical Lab Now Offers Lucyd© Bluetooth Prescription Glasses And Sunglasses

20 June 2022


Bluetooth glasses are making waves in the world of wearable tech, and now you can order them for your patients from R&D Optical Lab.

Lucyd® Bluetooth optical frames offer a unique mix of designer styling, eye protection, and smart features that allow the wearer to listen to music or podcasts, talk on the phone and use voice assistants like Siri and Alexa without having to risk safety by wearing earbuds or headphones while they’re on the go. Lucyd glasses utilize technology that ensure an excellent quality of sound goes straight into their ears without obstructing natural hearing, making them ideal for enjoying music during outdoor activities, or listening to audio content while working.

The biggest perk of Lucyd© glasses and sunglasses is that your patients are guaranteed 6.5-8 hours of music and call time per 2-hour charge, with 160 hours standby connection.

Because there are no dangling cables to deal with and they’re not falling out or off every five minutes like earbuds, your patients can use their hands to work, cook, exercise, and do whatever else it is that they enjoy. Whether your patients prefer voice activation or using the discreet buttons on the arms of the glasses, they’ll have their hands free to do what they want to do all while protecting their eyes.

These glasses can be made with prescription lenses as well as blue light blocking, so they’re perfect for anyone who needs corrective vision or just wants to avoid eye strain over time. Not only do these smart audio glasses offer a user-friendly tech upgrade on top of being suitable for all-day optical wear, they’re also incredibly stylish. With several frame shapes and over 15 colored lenses to choose from, your patients can customize their Lucyd® glasses as they wish.

To help you get better acquainted with our Lucyd glasses, we’ve created a breakdown of our different frames to help you decide which glasses will suit your patients best.


Lucyd Lyte® is smart eyewear that looks, feels and corrects vision like standard eyeglasses and sunglasses. Open-ear audio, a crisp microphone and Bluetooth touch controls meet fashionable, prescription-ready frames. The standard Lyte acetate collection weigh just 1.2-1.4 oz, so they’re light enough to be your patients’ go-to specs. Lucyd Lyte comes in two styles, each of which offers Bluetooth technology and other smart features like polarized UV400 lenses. These glasses are perfect for everyday wearing.

The Wayfarer-style glasses come in three colors: Darkside, Eclipse and Lytening. This design has a thicker frame and is semi square-shaped, which makes them great for people with an oval or round face. The Darkside is a common black wayfarer style beloved by men and women alike, and the most popular style overall.

The second Lucyd Lyte© style offers a slightly rounder shape with a thick frame, which makes them a great style for people with a square-shaped face. As with the previous style, these glasses come in three colors: moonshot, moonbeam and sunbeam.


The Lyte Titanium© comes in three styles, all of which have a lightweight titanium frame weighing just 1.1-1.2 oz. This material also offers enhanced flexibility.

The Skyward and Starman both have a square-shaped pilot frame as well as adjustable nose pads and frontplates.

The Antimatter glasses are a classic black Aviator design, making them perfect for those looking for a sporty or adventurous look.

Last but not least, the Polaris style comes in a round frame with a thin wire rim and stunning white temples. These work well for people with a square-shaped face.


The Lyte Sport© frames come in two colors: black (Nitrous) and white (0°). These frames have a more rectangular shape, giving your patients greater temporal sight. They also are made of a strong, plastic-style frame, which makes them perfect for those looking to wear glasses while they play sports.

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