The Perfect Pair of Lenses in Sight by R&D Optical

The Perfect Pair of Lenses in Sight

27 February 2019


As a trusted partner by optometrists, ophthalmologists and opticians nationwide, R&D offers a variety of lenses that will suit any patient’s needs and taste in eyewear. In addition to the vast list of reputable products and manufacturers that we offer, we are excited to carry Kodak lenses. Check out some of our recommended types of prescription Kodak lenses for your patients.

Kodak Progressive Lenses

Bifocal lenses focus on specific distances with far-sighted distance at the top of the lens and near-sighted vision at the bottom. This division can create a disconnect in the viewing experience. But Kodak Progressive Lenses are designed to optimize that vision separation within the lens. The Kodak Progressive Lenses are appropriate for all prescriptions and customers of any age, especially those over the age of 40 who might be subject to presbyopia.

Kodak Total Blue™ Lenses and Kodak SoftWear® Lenses

While Kodak’s Progressive Lenses focus on all types of vision, the Kodak Total Blue Lenses are specifically designed to protect your customers’ eyes from strains when using digital devices including computers, cell phones, and tablets. These digital devices can create High-Energy Visible (HEV) Blue Light, and the Kodak Total Blue Lenses prevent these harmful UV and HEV lights from compromising eyesight. Our Kodak SoftWear Lenses are also a good option to consider if your customers have interactions with digital screens and keyboards at work and home. The Kodak SoftWear allow your customers the ability to continue their everyday use of digital devices with an extra layer of protection for their eyes.

Kodak Transitions® Lenses

For your active clients who spend a lot of time both indoors and outdoors, Kodak’s Transitions Lenses are a great Kodak product to consider prescribing. These lenses were created using light control technology to adjust to different levels of lighting. Kodak’s Transitions Lenses are also an optimal choice for customers who experience a high sensitivity to light in order to minimize eye strain.

Kodak Reading Lenses

Many patients do not experience vision issues all the time but need to have a pair of glasses specifically for reading. Some of these customers think that buying an over-the-counter pair of reading glasses might save them money, but those reading glasses are not designed for the individual but rather the masses with various types of vision issues that can extend far beyond reading. With your patient’s prescription, we will create a great pair of Kodak lenses tailored to their needs.

With R&D Optical Lab offering Kodak lenses, the perfect pair of eyewear for your patients is in sight. Contact us today or call us at 513-273-4034 to learn more about our Kodak products or eye exams.

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