Visual Perfection Digital Lenses for High-Definition Vision

Visual Perfection Digital Lenses for High-Definition Vision

24 October 2019


Digital lenses offer many advantages over traditionally surfaced lenses. With high-definition television screens, high-resolution phones and computers, customers have more visual needs than ever. A high-definition digital lens gives them the clear, natural vision they require to keep up with their busy lives.

Traditionally surfaced lenses can only accommodate increments of 0.125 diopters. Digitally surfaced lenses are accurate down to 0.01 diopters. Additionally, digital lenses are fully customizable. They can account for the lens positioning relative to the eye as well as various gaze directions.

A Unique Digital Lens Product

R&D’s Visual Perfection HD line offers a customizable group of designs that will provide each wearer with a personalized lens. The result is better visual comfort and quality in all gaze directions. We can produce our digital lenses for just about any prescription in any frame, single vision or progressive.

Our Visual Perfection digital lenses incorporate several advanced technologies:

  • Digital Ray-Path
  • Surface Power
  • Smart Add

Digital Ray-Path is state-of-the-art technology based on a three-dimensional simulation of the lens and eye. This model takes into account the lens position relative to the eye as well as natural eye movements in all gaze directions. The result is a unique lens that is personalized for each wearer and provides optimal vision in all zones of the lens.

Surface Power is an entry-level digital technology we use for our office lens and basic progressive. The prescription is surfaced on the back of the lens. Surface Power allows for flexible designs, variable corridor lengths and insets while providing similar visual performance as traditional lenses.

Smart Add is specifically designed to improve digital device viewing including smartphones, tablets and computers. This technology optimizes intermediate and near zones for reduced eye strain while using our occupational lens.

In addition to these great technologies, we also offer the Camber Lens …

Camber Technology combines complex curves on both lens surfaces. The variable surface curvature of the specially designed lens blank allows for better peripheral vision and expanded reading zones. We combine this with our Digital Ray-Path technology to offer expanded prescription ranges, superior near vision performance, and improved cosmetic appearance.

Order Your Digital Lenses from R&D Optical Lab

If your customer purchased traditionally surfaced lenses in the past, recommend an upgrade to our Visual Perfection HD digital lens. This is a great option especially if your clients have problems with the quality of vision in glasses.

When working with R&D Optical’s Visual Perfection line, you can promote private label digital products that your clients may not find anywhere else. This means they will not be able to price compare your digital lens offerings. Other advantages include our affordable pricing, quick turnover time and less overhead cost.

We want to provide you with superior quality digital lenses that won’t break the bank. Visual Perfection is an excellent addition to your product offerings and gives your customers the high-definition vision they’re looking for. Please visit us at or call us at 513-273-4034 to learn more about our optical products. Check us out on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or LinkedIn for our latest tips and updates!

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