Visual Perfection

Digitally Produced High Definition Lenses

We’ve added to our original Visual Perfection product with the addition of Visual Perfection 2.0, a new and improved high-tech version of the original.

Visual Perfection HD Digital Lenses is a unique and customizable group of designs. The wearer is getting a unique lens calculated using state-of-the-art, innovative technology that improves the lens performance for any gaze direction. Visual Perfection lenses improve visual comfort and quality for any prescription and frame. Each Visual Perfection lens is specially designed to meet every patient’s need with high quality natural vision.

Learn more about Visual Perfection 2.0:
>> VP Basic 2.0
>> VP 2.0 MaxView
>> VP 2.0 Technologies
>> VP Drive GT 2.0
>> VP Millenials 2.0
>> VP Premium 2.0
>> VP SV 2.0
>> VP Ultra 2.0
>> VP Wrap 2.0

Call us today to see which Visual Perfection solution is right for you.

Visual Perfection

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