VP Fog Free

Add our new VP FOG FREE anti-fog process to your patient’s eyewear and allow them to see CLEAR for the life of their Prescription.

It’s a CLEAR choice for your patients to enjoy FOG FREE vision in their everyday life.

but patients struggle with their lenses fogging up while doing many other common daily activities…
• Cooking over a hot stove
• Opening a steamy dishwasher or warm oven
• Exercising in a gym
• Sipping a hot beverage

Our Superior VP FOG FREE anti-fog process:
• Repels fog even while wearing a face mask
• No wipes or sprays are needed to activate
• Lasts the life of the Rx
• Meets all safety standards and is approved for safety eyewear
• No need to re-apply as with many other treatments

Available with or without VP Premium Plus Non-Glare.

Place your order for VP FOG FREE lenses today!

With improved visibility you will see it is a CLEAR choice!

It’s time to get out of the Fog Permanently.

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